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At Empower Dataworks, we work with businesses and leaders who want to leverage data and intentional technology to improve their decisions, work, customer engagement, impact, client satisfaction, and the bottom line. Learn how we can help you.

We’re passionate about digital transformation, data-driven insights, and other cryptic phrases that help you achieve results.

Bonus: we also know a little about living in deserts. Learn more about our backgrounds here.

Empower Dataworks

Insights for Action

About Empower Dataworks

Empower Dataworks is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in data and engineering analytical services. With every client engagement, we strive to fully integrate technical solutions and analysis with boots-on-the-ground operations to derive maximum value.

Our services cut across several industry verticals from public power and community development to start-ups and small businesses.

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Insights for Action

power lines against blue sky

Insights for Energy

Defer infrastructure investments, improve customer relations, and meet energy savings targets cost effectively.

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Insights for Startups + Small Businesses

Master customer engagement and engineer product success as a startup or small business.

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Insights for Communities

Understand the community, fund effective causes, improve outcomes, uncover key trends, and prime stakeholder buy-in.