Insights for Nonprofits

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Gain + retain donors

Powerfully communicate impact.

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Win members

Demonstrate membership value.

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Secure funding

Win more, higher-value awards.

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Grow brand legitimacy

Build a brand that embodies your impact.

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Measure what matters

Strategically measure for results.

Gain + retain donors

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Powerfully communicate the impact of your work to donors.

Everyone loves a heartfelt story and the warm glow donating creates. So, nonprofits share testimonials and emotional case studies.

But if your organization relies on anecdotes alone, it will miss large, ongoing funding opportunities that can truly sustain and even grow your work.

Key Donor Facts…

Surveys can capture community attitudes and ideas, but even the most well crafted don’t tell the whole story. Surveys don’t capture:

  • Individual donors contribute 5 times as much as grants do to the average nonprofit.
  • Adding evidence of program effectiveness increases the number and amount of donations received from large prior donors.
  • Most major gifts occur after 5 years of consistent giving.
  • The average nonprofit donor retention was only 45% in 2017, and the cost to acquire new donors is more than the average new donation.

The moral: communicating effectively and powerfully with donors is critical to your nonprofit sustainability.

If you’d like to…
  • Powerfully share your outcomes to drive major, sustaining support
  • Segment your donor messaging to convey the right message to the right people to encourage action
  • Gain new and retain ongoing, high-value donors
  • Efficiently measure your program’s impact and place your work within community trends
  • …then let’s chat about your goals.

Win members

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Highlight the real value of becoming a member of your association and grow membership.

Association membership just ain’t what it used to be as technology shifts and younger generations with different values come into positions of leadership.

The same strategies just don’t work to maintain long-time members and attract new members.

Key Membership Facts…
  • 60% of nonprofit associations have flat or declining membership.
  • The average cost for member acquisition is $41 per new member and $95 per new member for trade organizations.

The moral: member retention costs less than acquisition. Associations must provide and articulate ongoing value to grow.

If you’d like to…
  • Increase your membership base
  • Know which of your association’s efforts and offerings have the largest impact on membership—and which ones detract
  • Measure and compellingly demonstrate the value of membership to current and potential members
  • …then let’s chat about insights for your organization.

Secure funding

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Win more, higher-value grants by effectively communicating your programs’ impact.

The grant landscape is increasingly competitive as more organizations vie for the same dollars to support key offerings or grow their programs. To gain an edge, organizations polish their applications.

But a grant application is only as good as its measurable, concrete content and evidence-based claims. To win grants, nonprofits must fill this gap between writing eloquent grant applications and showing value and impact.

Key Grant Facts…

Surveys can capture community attitudes and ideas, but even the most well crafted don’t tell the whole story. Surveys don’t capture:

  • About 1 grant application in 10 succeeds on average.
  • Funders increasingly expect reporting concrete outcomes both at the time of the application and throughout the grant term.
  • Grant writing takes time and resources: from an average of 12 hours for a letter of interest (LOI) to 60 hours for a large foundation or United Way grant (of between $25,000 and $50,000) all the way to 150 hours or more for large federal and National Science Foundation grants.
If you’d like to…
  • Win more, higher-value, and repeat grants without increasing your time to write grant proposals
  • Be able to powerfully articulate the impact of your programs and situate outcomes within the wider community environment
  • Efficiently measure and report on your program outcomes as funding requires with minimal additional staff effort
  • …then let’s chat about impact evaluation and measurement.

Grow brand legitimacy

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Effectively build a brand that embodies your impact and facilitates outreach.

It’s no secret that nonprofit brands with a strong reputation are linked with the ability to acquire financial, human, and social resources, as well as build key partnerships (think funding, supporters, volunteers…). If people have heard of your organization and associate it with positive work, they are more likely to support it.

But brand awareness isn’t enough.

You need brand legitimacy.

Key Nonprofit Brand Facts…

Increased nonprofit brand awareness and reputation has been linked to:

  • Improved donor retention and increased donations
  • Improved staff effectiveness
  • Increased loyalty and effectiveness of supporters
  • Increased community recognition compared with competitors and other nonprofits
If you’d like to…
  • Meaningfully strengthen your organization’s brand and reputation by demonstrating and communicating the impact of your work
  • Increase your fundraising effectiveness by building a brand that embodies trust and credibility
  • Ensure that your brand is aligned with your goals, as well as public perceptions and expectations
  • …then let’s chat about building your brand legitimacy.

Measure what matters

Create solid strategy. Ensure real results.

What works? What doesn’t? Are you achieving your goals? Nonprofits are tackling society’s biggest problems, but many aren’t tracking if their work is actually solving them.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

For success, it’s critical to know what to measure, how to efficiently measure it, and how to analyze and communicate results.

If you’d like to…
  • Ensure your efforts translate to achieving your organization’s mission and goals
  • Communicate the impact of your work meaningfully
  • Efficiently capture the value of your work to share with funders, supporters, donors, and staff
  • Have more than anecdotes and surveys to support your case
  • …then let’s chat about measuring what matters to your mission.

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