Insights for Energy

The energy sector is changing with a growing emphasis on clean energy solutions and customer engagement. We work with you to plan and design programs and strategies to meet the challenges of the new energy grid.

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Defer Infrastructure Investments

Design non-wires solutions.

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Improve Customer Relations

Deploy tools for top-notch, predictive service.

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Meet Energy Savings Targets

Create cost effective solutions.

Defer Infrastructure Investments

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Are you concerned with…

  • The need to fund new infrastructure investments?
  • Uncontrolled future energy use, peak demand, and new distributed generation?
  • The risks of undertaking new infrastructure projects for the foreseeable future?

Do you want solutions other than more infrastructure?

If you’d like to understand and manage energy use in load constrained areas, then let’s talk about planning for non-wires solutions for infrastructure deferral.

Improve Customer Relations

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Does your team…

  • Have concerns about customers’ gaps in understanding their energy bills and resulting low satisfaction?
  • Spend too much time fielding customer queries about their energy consumption?
  • Wonder what programs you could offer to improve customer engagement?

Then let’s talk about empowering your customer relations team to deliver top-notch service and

  • More efficiently field customer questions
  • Use your customer service as a more effective marketing channel for your customer programs.

Meet energy savings targets cost effectively

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Maybe you…

  • Experience low cost effectiveness with your conservation programs?
  • Spend too many resources processing rebates?
  • Don’t know which programs to include in a diverse conservation portfolio specific for your service territory?

If you’d like to meet your energy savings targets cost effectively, let’s talk.

Energy Advisory Services

There’s so much more! Connect with us to see how we can work together to support your goals.