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Data and digital transformations are more than just cool buzzwords — they’re critical to success in a modern economy.

Do any of these issues strike a chord?

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Our website doesn’t generate enough leads or sales, and I’m not sure how to fix it
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We need better visibility into our business and customers, but we’re not collecting any data and we don’t know the best place to start
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We want to make our software product better by adding a data science component
I’m thinking of selling or taking on partners, and I want our digital assets (website, databases, tech tools, marketing workflows) to enhance the valuation of my company

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Our Approach to Digital Solutions


Understand Your Business and Customers

The first step of solving any problem is to understand it. We rely on robust data to guide decision making every step of the way. This includes setting realistic, dynamic goals based on benchmarking and efficient data collection.

Tighten Feedback Loops

With data and digital, it’s not enough to set it and forget it. Let us craft the automatic feedback tools so you have the necessary information to act when it counts.

Enhance Your Products and Services using Data Science

Data Science is no longer cutting edge—it’s mission critical for many digital applications. If you want to build the smarter products and services that customers have come to expect, we’ll help you explore how data science can help get you there.


Optimize Your Website’s Search Engine Rankings (SEO)

Get found. Similar to physical assets, your website is only as valuable as its prime location. Get on the front page of Google so your ideal customers find you easily and make sure they click through to visit your site.

Boost Conversion Rates (CRO)

Being found isn’t enough—you want customers who take the actions you need to serve them well. That is, you need conversions. By focusing on the user, we craft journeys that guide them towards your (and their) goals across the customer lifecycle.

Refine Your User Experience (UX)

Deliver what your customers need in a way that’s intuitive to them—not your staff or leadership team. If your website and processes act like hurdles, your customers will find an alternative. We use a wide range of usability testing to understand your specific customers and ensure you deliver what they expect.

Holistic Design

Integrate Your Website + Digital Solutions

Just like in any organization, silos don’t work in digital solutions. To offer the best customer experience and internal efficiency, you need seamless integration between the parts to make an effective whole.

Improve Your Team’s Internal Efficiency and Workflows

Processes often develop organically without periodic reconsideration. Change is hard. Through external insight from across industries, your operations can be evaluated and revamped to ensure they’re at peak performance–for your staff, customers, and the business bottom line.

To Achieve Your Business Goals

Focus on Results

Data+Digital for its own sake is a hyped-up waste of resources. Instead, we ensure that every action we take together has your end goals in mind. A strong return on investment (ROI) is always our most important deliverable.

Data+Digital Services
Digital tool design plan
Data+Digital Audits
  • Are your website and digital tools meeting your business goals?
  • What data do and could you collect?
  • How can your workflows serve you better, more easily?
  • What is your digital strategy?

In a Data+Digital audit, we dig into these questions and more and provide concrete action items and estimated scopes+budgets for introducing or improving the data+digital core in your products, services, staffing, systems and processes. Instead of cyclic, belated upgrades, we’ll create a comprehensive digital strategy based on continual improvements to help you reach your business goals effectively.

Data+Digital audits typically cost $10-$20k depending on the complexity of your business and can be completed in 1-3 months.

Schedule an Audit

Search engine optimization on Google
Data-Driven SEO+CRO
  • Does your website generate enough traffic from Google searches?
  • Do visitors actually convert and take the actions you’d like?
  • Is your website intuitive to use or a stumbling block to business?
  • How can your website and online tools serve your business goals better?

We take a user-centric and data-driven approach to evaluating the usability of your website and online tools, including executing usability (UX) studies, and user data analysis, as well as evaluating market trends and applying current best practices. We will also help you design an ongoing strategy to optimize your search rankings and conversions so your customers find you. As needed, we provide implementation support or help you hire contractors if search engine and conversion rate optimization (SEO/CRO) implementation is outside your staff’s skill set or bandwidth.

SEO+CRO services are best set up as ongoing retainers over at least 6 months. Contact us for more details.

Transform your Online Presence

Data science development
Data Science Development

The goal of these engagements is to allow your team to test and evaluate the business case for data science enhancements without committing to a full-fledged data science team on Day 1. It’s helpful to see how data science could improve your business, especially if you’re new to it.

  • We build data science micro-services and libraries that you can integrate in your products, services or workflows.
  • We help you hire your first data scientist and set up your data science development processes when you're ready for it.
  • We assess the feasibility and potential ROI of your your data science ideas.
These projects are fully customized to your needs and budget. Contact us to chat about your specific problem.

Get into the Data Game

Data+Digital Self-Assessment

How ready is your organization for digital change?

We developed the Data+Digital assessment based on our decades of experience working with clients, large and small, who attempted to implement new data or digital transformation initiatives or expand their use of automation tools. We started to notice a trend - you can very accurately predict the success of a data+digital project based on a handful of key factors related to company culture, tech-savviness and leadership buy-in. This self-assessment compresses these insights into ten questions that can be answered in under a minute and gives you an idea of where your company lies in the spectrum of data+digital adoption, as well as what you can do to accelerate it.

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