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Each year, our regional community foundation offers a conference for nonprofit organizations and community leaders to sharpen their skills. We’ve presented the last couple of years on data, technical tools and experience design–the wild one that you truly missed.

Enjoy a few of the take-aways below and get in touch if you have any questions.

Data-Driven Strategic Planning

Stories abound of successful companies leveraging “big data” to guide strategy and maximize profits. What’s all the hype? And what does it have to with us nonprofits? In this lively session, learn how using data can help you create an informed, dynamic strategic plan to maximize good!

Data-driven strategic planning questions

Data-Driven Strategic Planning slide deck

Beyond anecdotes and gut intuition, we’ll talk about finding insights and using them to drive decisions. Whether you lead a huge corporation or run a one-(wo)man project, we’ll show you how you can better understand your impact, meaningfully consider future scenarios, and craft a responsive plan that adjusts to changing circumstances over time. Learn more

Smooth Operators: Data Tools for Efficiency

As nonprofits, we are busy. We run the show, court donors, counsel, serve food, put out metaphorical fires…and that’s just before lunch. But sometimes all this hustle can distract us from pursuing our mission and leveraging our talents. Data tools for nonprofits: goals

Data Tools for Nonprofits slide deck

This session will showcase how other nonprofits have trounced the daily grind by employing tactical data solutions. You’ll learn tricks for streamlining the day-to-day and making fundraising more effective, so you can get back to focusing on the real work of doing good. Learn more

Experience Design Atelier: A Radical Way to Craft Exceptional Events and Meetings

Transform your gatherings from routine into inspired. Learn how to powerfully design events and meetings that fully embody your mission, meaningfully connect participants, effectively achieve your real goals, surpass your fundraising targets, and are wholly enjoyable. Join this innovative design atelier that will change how you think about your next board meeting, gala, seminar, and generally how we spend time together.

Experience Design notes

If you’d like to deep dive, I highly recommend these resources from experienced experience designers:

Patterns of Transformation

Ida Benedetto

The art of gathering

Priya Parker