Empower Dataworks

We are a boutique consulting firm that specializes in data and engineering analytical services.

Consulting might be a dirty word, so you can call us a freelance firm, trusted advisors, or your engineering team in a box. Whatever you call us, we’ll be in your corner creating bold, client-focused solutions.

With every client engagement, we work to fully integrate technical solutions and analysis with boots-on-the-ground ops to maximize results, not just in theory.

We believe in insights for action.

What Do We Do?

We leverage tech and data to help small businesses and startups refine business processes, develop strategy, and understand the competitive landscape.

We also help businesses acquire and retain customers by developing an intentional online presence. This includes web analytics, website performance and conversion optimization, as well as list building and marketing automation. We’re not typically hired to make pretty websites or graphics, but we have partners who do.

As engineers and data scientists, we provide statistical magic and coding grunt work to craft analytical models and analysis tools for solving complex problems.

Our services cut across several industry verticals

  • We love supporting small businesses and startups, leveraging our first-hand experiences of how a small leg up in the data game can pay dividends as they grow.
  • After our years working in energy engineering and conservation, we’ve developed a soft spot for publicly owned power companies.
  • We have also seen how data expands beyond the traditional business world. Data and strategic tech have become crucial to community leaders and nonprofits for effectively delivering philanthropic and community development work. We educate and share insights through our affiliate, Grassroots Dataworks, a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Let’s Chat About Your Goals


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Who Are We?

Hassan photo

Hassan Shaban

Hassan is a data scientist and mechanical engineer with expertise in statistical data analysis, visualization and machine learning. He offers a perplexing passion for statistics and thorough analytical and project management skills to ensure every project exceeds all expectations.

He has also been the critical element for startup success, bringing reality to innovative ideas through product development, analytical modelling, and engineering expertise.

Hassan holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ottawa for state-of-the-art bubble science and has earned awards for synchronizing flow regimes to 1960’s Broadway music.

Lacy photo

Lacy Stockton

Lacy is a multidisciplinary expert on organizational transformation as an engineer, experienced solutions architect, and database guru. Her diverse work centers around improving business processes, developing custom technical solutions to facilitate and monitor workflows, and leveraging data analytics to ensure organizations make informed decisions and continuously improve efficiency and quality.

She holds a BA in Community and Environmental Planning from the University of Washington, as well as a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and BSc in Computing Technology (Valedictorian) both from the University of Ottawa.

Ways to Engage With Us

Embedded Strategy + Delivery

The next step is to understand your business and uncover key technical and business goals. From there, our work is typically project based or ongoing services.

Project Contracting
Projects are identified where specific needs or problems are addressed over a fixed time period with specific deliverables. Most evaluations and program implementation work fall into project contracting.

Managed Services
Ongoing work revolves around the core principle of helping clients define and build new technical and strategic capabilities—whether directing software development efforts, building out custom engineering models or customer-facing tools, or delivering digital marketing strategy and implementation.

Speaking + Workshops
We share best practices and tech solutions for any level to help you reach your goals and identify future data-driven projects.

Get in Touch

We’re always happy to meet interesting people for a coffee tea!

Send us an email at hello@empowerdataworks.com or grab a time that works best for you:

Empower Dataworks is proudly headquartered in north central Washington state, and we work with clients throughout North America and beyond.