Insights for Community Leaders

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Understand the Community

Know the landscape and deeply listen, beyond only surveys.

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Fund Effective Causes

Earn the highest return on community investments.

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Improve Outcomes

Create a whole that’s more impactful than its parts.

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Uncover the landscape + trends

Understand the wider community ecosystem.

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Prime stakeholder buy-in

Win over even stubborn allies.

Understand the community

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Get a multi-dimensional understanding of community needs and goals.

Identifying stakeholder needs is crucial to community project success. But if your organization relies exclusively on surveys, you’ll miss the larger demands, realities, and contexts that surveys alone just can’t capture.

Survey limitations…

Surveys can capture community attitudes and ideas, but even the most well crafted don’t tell the whole story. Surveys don’t capture:

  • Behavior. We humans don’t act the way we think we do or say we will
  • Actionable values. Our actions often don’t line up with the values we say we hold
  • Honesty. We respond differently based on who is listening, or who we think is listening
  • Desires. We humans rarely know what we really want until our options are concrete
  • Deep thought. We rush through surveys without thinking the issues through
  • Everyone we want. We self-select when responding to surveys
If you’d like to…
  • Get a more thorough understanding of stakeholder needs, behavior, and values
  • Position stakeholder feedback within the community landscape and trends
  • …then let’s chat about capturing your stakeholder needs.

Fund effective causes

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Support the programs that make the most impact.

As community leaders, you want to ensure that the most problematic issues are being successfully addressed. But the reality is that not all programs are equal.

How do you know which programs to support? Let’s talk about measuring program impact.

Data Advisory Services

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