About Empower Dataworks

We are a boutique consulting firm that specializes in data and engineering analytical services.

Consulting might be a dirty word, so you can call us a freelance firm, trusted advisors, or your engineering team in a box. Whatever you call us, we’ll be in your corner creating bold, client-focused solutions.

With every client engagement, we fully integrate technical solutions and analysis with boots-on-the-ground ops to maximize results, not just in theory.

We believe in insights for action.

Who Are We?
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Hassan Shaban

Principal, Energy and Data
Hassan is a data scientist and mechanical engineer with expertise in statistical data analysis, visualization and machine learning. He offers a perplexing passion for statistics and thorough analytical and project management skills to ensure every project exceeds all expectations. He also loves brings innovative ideas to life through product development, analytical modeling, and engineering expertise. Hassan holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ottawa for state-of-the-art bubble science and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Alexandria University.
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Lacy Stockton

Principal, Technical Solutions
Lacy is a multidisciplinary expert on organizational transformation as an engineer, experienced solutions architect, and database guru. Her diverse work centers around improving business processes, developing custom technical solutions to facilitate and monitor workflows, and leveraging data analytics to ensure organizations make informed decisions and continuously improve efficiency and quality. She holds a BA in Community and Environmental Planning from the University of Washington, as well as a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and BSc in Computing Technology both from the University of Ottawa.
energy equity
Energy Equity
We assist utilities with the full lifecycle of energy equity initiatives and energy assistance programs: needs assessments, evaluations, program design and implementation. We rely on our robust Energy Equity Flywheel framework to ensure program cost-effectiveness and stellar performance.

Deliver Equity

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We partner with utilities, e-commerce businesses and startups to accelerate the adoption of data science and digital tools. The goals of these projects include enhancing customer acquisition, improving the user experience, and adding new product features.

Go Digital

CETA Compliance
We work with Washington state utilities to ensure their compliance with Clean Energy and Equity regulations. This includes analysis, research studies and program design support.

Get Compliant

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